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Sheikh Nazım
Shayṭān’s Generosity
English 25min Shayṭān is generous with and teaches the unbelievers. That is why the West is technologically advanced. But he has no adab and without adab there is no entry into the Divine Presence. Good adab is to be without a trace of love for this world.
Sheikh Nazım
Nov30 1984 English 4min All religions are the same. Meditation is a training used by many to help a person focus inside rather than outside.
Sheikh Nazım
The Purpose of Life
Nov02 1998 Turkish 41min The purpose of life is to be beloved by Allāh. Only this brings happiness and peace. To achieve this is easy. Just follow the Sharī‘ah, which is the scale that rates all actions according to whether they take to or away from Allāh.
Sheikh Nazım
Girlfriend, Boyfriend
English 8min Marriage is best. You have from 3-40 days to decide to marry or not. Only in marriage will your thirst be satisfied.
Sheikh Nazım
Ḥaḍīratu l-Qudus
Dec06 2001 Turkish 16min Every Friday Allāh invites the people of paradise to Ḥaḍīratu l-Qudus; a beautiful journey through the heavenly realms where everyone receives according to their rank. On that day, when Allāh Almighty will show His beauty, the faces of the believers will shine like the sun.
Sheikh Nazım
The Limits of the Mind
Oct27 1998 Turkish 32min The Prophets were sent to answer the important questions of who we are and why we were created. These questions are beyond the limits of the mind. Man was meant to look in and up, not like an animal always looking at the ground for grass.
Sheikh Nazım
To Swallow a Mountain
Nov30 1985 English 30min You must believe that with your Lord’s support you can do anything. With that hope and that intention all things become possible, like the prophet who was asked to swallow a mountain.
Sheikh Nazım
Divinely Music
English 12min Mawlānā retells the story of the Pied Piper but with a beautiful ending. In such a way, Allāh gives the Awliyā’ a divine music that no one can resist.
Sheikh Nazım
Imām Mahdī (ع)
Nov30 1996 Turkish 5min A short summary of the coming of the Mahdī (as) to Istanbul and Damascus and the descent of ‘Īsá (as), who will follow the Mahdī (as) in Fajr prayer.
Sheikh Nazım
Ādam and Ḥawwā’
Dec08 2001 Turkish 49min A man’s weakest moment is in the presence of his wife. Then he is open to shayṭān. A‘ūdhu biLlāhi is the weapon that will make shayṭān flee. All the troubles of the world arise from people making bad ones their leaders.
Sheikh Nazım
Shayṭān's Donkey
Dec25 1996 Turkish 11min The people of today have been captured by shayṭān. They think they are free but he rides them like a donkey. Beware of those people who have become allies of shayṭān.
Sheikh Nazım
English 6min Mawlānā begins an association in the name of Allāh, making it holy and protected. An association is not like a lecture in school.
Sheikh Nazım
New Name, Same Game
Dec25 1994 Turkish 19min They cannot bring Sharī‘ah back. Zia-ul-Haq could not do it with his army, a woman cannot do it, a nation state cannot do it. Allāh will send one man and there will be Sharī‘ah across the world. Until then nothing changes - new name, same game.
Sheikh Nazım
Know Your Limits
Dec25 1994 Turkish 40min Keep respect for the Qur’ān and the Aḥādīth. You must know who you are and what are your limits. Interpretation of the Qur’ān is for the Prophet (sas) and the great saints. The Prophet (sas) said: in the last days there will be many preachers but few scholars.
Sheikh Nazım
Al-Qābiḍ and Al-Bāsiṭ
Jan01 1989 Turkish 24min Mawlānā expands on the sixth farḍ that good and evil - both are from Allāh. He talks about the causes of depression and its cure. Allāh can remove anything, and everything has its appointed time to begin and to end.
Sheikh Nazım
Spiritual Perfection
Jan12 1997 English 17min Growing older results in a spiritual perfection. We must never be saddened by changes because Allāh has honored us by making us human and that never changes. S. Yūsuf in his prison was never sad. As we get older it is as if we are returning home.
Sheikh Nazım
This Too Will Pass
Jun24 1993 Turkish 5min Time is passing quickly. Neither the past nor the future is in our control. We can only be careful about the present and be thankful to Allāh for allowing us to remember Him.
Sheikh Nazım
Shadow Play
Jan01 1986 English 32min Like in a shadow play, shayṭān is the puppeteer and all people, East and West, follow his lead without knowing. People run for the hungry of Abyssinia when they should waste less food. Religious people must be patient and tolerant. If they can save one person from shayṭān that is enough. The only shelter is with the Awliyā’.
Sheikh Nazım
Black Magic Tunnels
Aug16 2010 English 41min People are always coming to ask Mawlānā to save them from black magic. He asks why they believe more in this magic than in Allāh Almighty. They should ask forgiveness from their Lord and return to Him, then no black magic, shayṭānic magic can touch them.
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A Glossary
This glossary contains explanations of some Arabic/Turkish words, terms and phrases frequently recurring in Mawlana's sohbas, and is intended for the benefit of our listeners/viewers. It is being continuously edited and updated to the best of our abilities, and does not in any way claim to be comprehensive.
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These are pages of daily wisdoms. Its articles are for whoever wants to teach or learn. Its writings are important and unmistakably true. Absolute Sultanate is only for Allah. For human beings living on Earth, the loftiest rank they can reach is that of the station of Sultanate.
The Majesty and Magnificence of Islam
The Sultanate is the representative of the majesty and magnificence of Islam. It is the defender of Divine Order. As for Democracy, it was invented only to cover up the ugly face of atheism and unbelief. It is the unauthorized, meaningless rule of tyrannical regimes.
This declaration is to show all human beings the true way. The author is just an ordinary human being. In the following articles you will find indisputable truths. Their author is Sheikh Nazim, a traveler on the Naqshbandi spiritual way. May Allah protect us from falling into the wrong way. This declaration takes into consideration all subjects related to this world and to religion, it points to the infallible way. Support and success only come from Allah.
Sheikh Muhammed Nazim Lefke Cyprus
Every day has a new face and a different appearance. Oh mankind, learn that a human being is the ruling Sultan over all creation! You too are a human being, so you also must have the same capability. If so, then, Oh Man, use the capability that is in you. Use it, so that you do not come to this world as a colt and leave it as a donkey.

Know that: you come to this world from an unknown world of nothingness, and again will be travelling to another unknown territory of nothingness. If our occupation and concern is only to fill our stomachs and pursue our physical pleasures - if this is your life - then it is a life deprived of human value and honour.

With this writing we open the honourable Saltanat website. By reading it you will learn and understand many things in accordance with your interests.
Thanks and glory can only be given to the Creator of the worlds.
Sheikh Muhammed Nazim Lefke Cyprus
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