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10:00 pm - Endless
10:12 pm - The Tajalli of Friday

Our Lord is the possessor of unlimited grants. He also gives to us, He gives us endlessly.
The manifestation of Friday is special. Whoever says the beautiful Name of his Lord, BismiLlahir Rahmanir Rahim, cannot be sad. We ask to be filled with Light inside and out.

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Sheikh Nazım
A Bestowal Uninterrupted (11:108)
Mar18 2014 Turkish 16min O children of Adam, Keep the love of your Creator in your heart. Do not leave it. Ask from Him of His uninterrupted, unfailing gifts.
Sheikh Nazım
O My Son
Mar17 2014 Turkish 29min The earth and heavens belong to our Lord. They have no value. Allah decorated the world with Adam (as). O our Lord, send us Your holy servants who will hold us steady in the way of the Habib. My son is the Sheikh-ul-Islam. My grandson is on his way.
Sheikh Nazım
Unknown, To Be Nothing
Jun24 2010 English 37min The purpose of Man is to reach higher and higher stations. The ego’s desires weigh man down. Wanting himself seen, man falls. Unless he sacrifices himself, he cannot rise, he cannot reach Oneness. To be known in one’s real being belongs to Man’s spiritual aspect. Mawlana explains that the quranic ayat “wa kuntu nasyan mansiyya” is just such a call from Sayyidatina Maryam to her Lord, yearning to be unknown, to be nothing.
Sheikh Nazım
Muhammad, The Great Name
Mar16 2014 Turkish 20min What is our task? To walk upon the path of the Beloved and to glorify him. What an honour to be part of the Ummah of the Muhammad (sas). Ask for that and nothing else.
Sheikh Nazım
The Assembly of Light
Mar15 2014 Turkish 16min "In the assembly of Shah Mardan even if we stay a few seconds, we will be dressed from their nur/light."
Sheikh Nazım
The War
Jan01 1991 English 11min Only if all of mankind asks from the Lord, "O our Lord, give us Your blessings, Your forgiveness, Your mercy then You may extinguish this fire." If they are saying, then it is so easy for Allah Almighty to extinguish the fire of world war.
Sheikh Nazım
Do Not Be a Zero!
Mar14 2014 Turkish 20min "Do not be a zero. Be something in the presence of your Lord. What shall we be? Let's be a servant to our Lord. What shall we ask? My Lord, let's fill up with the love of our Lord."
Sheikh Nazım
Min Salsalin ka-lFakhkhar (55:14)
Mar13 2014 Turkish 21min Our Lord made us beautiful, from a resounding clay. Keep that beauty, which is of the Akhira not of the dunya.
Sheikh Nazım
Taught in the Mother's Womb
Mar12 2014 Turkish 27min A child in its mother's womb sleeps for six months. After that a heavenly command reaches it: Wake up and learn! Learn about the honor you have been given. Learn what the Prophet is teaching.
Sheikh Nazım
Salafis Must Seek It
Jun23 2010 English 46min Man does not read himself but with a microscope researches intensively about the tiniest creature. The Creator creates but man does not know why. The Quran says: Our Lord You did not create this aimlessly. There is a secret wisdom in Man. The Salafi ulama falling into modernity debate about knowledge taught by the Creator to His Beloved, instead they must wear the “dress of righteousness” and “follow the steps” of those whose only aim is seeking Allah’s pleasure. Such people exist in our day. They carry the secret power of the Beloved. Salafis must seek it.
Daiman Mawlana & Haji Anne
Dhakkir, a reminder of the Quranic verse,
" وَذَكِّرْ فَإِنَّ الذِّكْرَىٰ تَنفَعُ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ - Remind because certainly reminding is beneficial for believers (51:55)" is the re-posting of Mawlana's "Daily Live Sohbats" of 2010.
The Malaysian Plane
The Malaysian brothers and sisters sent asking for Mawlana's help to find the lost plane. Today while giving them an answer, Mawlana gave all of us an invaluable lesson in learning one's limits and observing Divine Will.
A Command
A Glossary
This glossary contains explanations of some Arabic/Turkish words, terms and phrases frequently recurring in Mawlana's sohbas, and is intended for the benefit of our listeners/viewers. It is being continuously edited and updated to the best of our abilities, and does not in any way claim to be comprehensive.
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Saltanat - An Internet Magazine
These are pages of daily wisdoms. Its articles are for whoever wants to teach or learn. Its writings are important and unmistakably true. Absolute Sultanate is only for Allah. For human beings living on Earth, the loftiest rank they can reach is that of the station of Sultanate.
The Majesty and Magnificence of Islam
The Sultanate is the representative of the majesty and magnificence of Islam. It is the defender of Divine Order. As for Democracy, it was invented only to cover up the ugly face of atheism and unbelief. It is the unauthorized, meaningless rule of tyrannical regimes.
This declaration is to show all human beings the true way. The author is just an ordinary human being. In the following articles you will find indisputable truths. Their author is Sheikh Nazim, a traveler on the Naqshbandi spiritual way. May Allah protect us from falling into the wrong way. This declaration takes into consideration all subjects related to this world and to religion, it points to the infallible way. Support and success only come from Allah.
Sheikh Muhammed Nazim Lefke Cyprus
Every day has a new face and a different appearance. Oh mankind, learn that a human being is the ruling Sultan over all creation! You too are a human being, so you also must have the same capability. If so, then, Oh Man, use the capability that is in you. Use it, so that you do not come to this world as a colt and leave it as a donkey.

Know that: you come to this world from an unknown world of nothingness, and again will be travelling to another unknown territory of nothingness. If our occupation and concern is only to fill our stomachs and pursue our physical pleasures - if this is your life - then it is a life deprived of human value and honour.

With this writing we open the honourable Saltanat website. By reading it you will learn and understand many things in accordance with your interests.
Thanks and glory can only be given to the Creator of the worlds.
Sheikh Muhammed Nazim Lefke Cyprus
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