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10:00 pm - Spiritual Perfection
Growing older results in a spiritual perfection. We must never be saddened by changes because Allāh has honored us by making us human and that never changes. S. Yūsuf in his prison was never sad. As we get older it is as if we are returning home.

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Sheikh Nazım
Spiritual Perfection
Jan12 1997 English 17min Growing older results in a spiritual perfection. We must never be saddened by changes because Allāh has honored us by making us human and that never changes. S. Yūsuf in his prison was never sad. As we get older it is as if we are returning home.
Sheikh Nazım
This Too Will Pass
Jun24 1993 Turkish 5min Time is passing quickly. Neither the past nor the future is in our control. We can only be careful about the present and be thankful to Allāh for allowing us to remember Him.
Sheikh Nazım
Shadow Play
Jan01 1986 English 32min Like in a shadow play, shayṭān is the puppeteer and all people, East and West, follow his lead without knowing. People run for the hungry of Abyssinia when they should waste less food. Religious people must be patient and tolerant. If they can save one person from shayṭān that is enough. The only shelter is with the Awliyā’.
Sheikh Nazım
Black Magic Tunnels
Aug16 2010 English 41min People are always coming to ask Mawlānā to save them from black magic. He asks why they believe more in this magic than in Allāh Almighty. They should ask forgiveness from their Lord and return to Him, then no black magic, shayṭānic magic can touch them.
Sheikh Nazım
Watch Your Step
Nov30 1988 Turkish 10min You must watch where you step and for whom and to whom you step. This is the first principle of the Naqshbandīyyah ṭarīqah. This exalted way is directed at polishing and perfecting scholars, who claim to have knowledge.
Sheikh Nazım
One True Sajdah
Mar05 1988 Turkish 39min Allāh loves those whose hearts are clean, whose heart’s eyes can see, whose heart’s ears can hear. To lift the veils, to open those eyes and ears, requires will power, asceticism. Make one true sajdah like the magicians at the time of Moses (as) and a veil will be lifted. Stay clean from shayṭān and believe.
Sheikh Nazım
Imitated Belief
Mar05 1988 Turkish 31min We are born with the eyes of our hearts open but those eyes begin to close after eight days and our hearts become blind. Only belief will help us to see again. Most of us can distinguish light from darkness - this is imitated belief. We must try to have real belief in order to be safe from shayṭān and to open the eyes of our hearts.
Sheikh Nazım
How to Keep Wisdom’s Pearls
Jun05 1986 English 18min There are a lot of people today with knowledge but few with wisdom. They seek wisdom’s pearls from the East, taking from here and there, but they don’t have the string to hold them. This string is belief in Allāh’s unity and in the Judgement Day.
Sheikh Nazım
Be a Simple Servant
Aug15 2010 English 39min Allāh is inviting us to leave the world of material possessions and enter His Heavenly Realms. Give the gold of dunyā and take the endless Heavenly treasures you are being offered. Don’t fight each other, fight devils and evil. In that lies your honour.
Sheikh Nazım
Umirtu an Uqātila n-Nās
Nov30 1985 English 21min Mawlana speaks to the well known Ḥadīth "umirtu an uqātila n-nās ḥattá yaqūlū lā ilaha illā Llāh”. I am ordered to fight people until they accept the truth that Allah is God, not their egos. The ego within is the real enemy of man. It accepts no one but itself. It must be fought. How could a Prophet be sent with the truth and not fight its enemies.
Sheikh Nazım
Sayyidinā Ibrāhīm (ع)
Nov30 1985 English 13min After the Prophet Muḥammad (ص), the second most honored prophet is Sayyidunā Ibrāhīm (ع). He had no fear of the fire of Nimrod because his constant glorifying of Allāh made him gold and gold does not burn. Those who truly follow his way are Muslims and under the flag of the Prophet (ص).
Sheikh Nazım
The Same Atmosphere
English 10min We all live in the same atmosphere, the same world, whether rich or poor, except for those whose love for Allāh makes them real believers, Awliyā’. For them Allāh makes a different world, unaffected by this life. Look for them, look for the ones who remind you of eternal life and hold on to them tightly.
Sheikh Nazım
May Allāh Not Write Our Names with Theirs
Dec10 2001 Turkish 5min We are all servants of Allāh even shayṭān. Mawlānā speaks about Bin Laden and America, about Ṣalāḥu d-dīn and the Kurds. And he reminds us that if we keep our hearts with Allāh we are safe just like the old lady in the time of Noah (as).
Sheikh Nazım
The Pillars of Faith Unchanged
Jan01 1986 English 11min The requirements of belief are unchanged since the first Prophet, Ādam (as). The form of worship may change but not the content. Your nature is written on your forehead to be read by those who can see. The ego is a child that wants everything for itself and must be trained.
Sheikh Nazım
Discipline Is Only in Islām
Dec12 2001 Turkish 28min The people of today either sleep too much or not enough. They have given up the disciplined life for ‘freedom' and they have lost everything. They are on the level of animals and they do not get what they want in this life or the next. They have replaced the Bismi Llāh with pictures.
Sheikh Nazım
Believe in the Unseen
Apr01 1996 Turkish 41min Believe in the unseen until the curtains of the ego are lifted and you see what you believe. Pass through the desert to find the Ka‘bah. Your station is according to your love for Allāh. Qur’ān is more than just words. The meanings of Fātiḥah would load 100 camels with books. Look at the Aṣḥābu l-Kahf who loved Allāh so that He loved them and the dog who loved them gained paradise.
Sheikh Nazım
Smile, Don’t Worry
Aug10 2010 English 29min Mawlānā tells the Salafī ‘ulamā’ not to look so angry. They either scare people away or make them sleep. Give good news, give hope to the people. Allāh wants His servants to love Him. Love and give generously as the Prophet ﷺ did.
Sheikh Nazım
The Darkness of Materialism
Mar15 2003 English 29min The first step to perfection is recognizing satan, the ‘it’ – the barking dog of the universe, arguing with Allāh. Then leave the modern scholars and scientists who reject the light of spiritual knowledge and insist on the darkness of material knowledge only.
Sheikh Nazım
Man Is Like a Clay Jar
Nov30 1985 English 19min A jar full of water must be broken in order to join the ocean. This is the metaphor Mawlānā uses to describe our state and our goal - to join the endless unity oceans, knowledge oceans, divine oceans. He gives us a taste from this hidden treasure.
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