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10:00 pm - Real Sheikhs and Fake Ones
Mawlana describes a real sheikh who, like the Prophet (sas), trains his companions by means of sohba. He compares a fake sheikh to a ride at Disneyland. And he has a conversation with some crows who have not forgotten their Creator.

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Sheikh Nazım
Who Is the Expert?
Jul07 2010 English 44min The full moon is a symbol of Rasulullah’s perfection; his light enough for all nations. There is no need to look elsewhere, however, people need clarification of the message. So Maulana asks the Salafi ulama to explain who the ‘khabir’ (expert) is in “fas-al bihi khabira” (25:59).
Sheikh Nazım
How to Know?
Nov30 1979 English Mawlana is responding to a letter from an Austrian couple. They ask where they should live and how they can recognize their shaykh to receive from him true guidance.
Sheikh Nazım
The Last Days
Jan01 1998 Turkish 14min In this beautiful sohbat Mawlana warns that the only thing that can protect us in the terrible days ahead is a strong faith. When you are in need, call on the Awliya, the Owners of faith, in the name of any of the prophets, and they will have to respond to you.
Sheikh Nazım
To Concern or Not Concern
Jul06 2010 English 48min Hadith: "Part of a person being a good Muslim is to quit that which does not concern him”. Maulana emphasizes its gravity for mankind, saying, for Believers and all others, there are two directions. To quit that which does not concern them, or, to concern themselves with it. Understanding and practicing this can save Humanity.
Sheikh Nazım
With Some Students
Jan01 1992 Turkish 18min In an address to Turkish students Mawlana advises them to be content with little because fasting is good for body and soul. He also warns them against Jihad of the sword while encouraging them to wage Jihad against atheism and ignorance.
Sheikh Nazım
When Mahdi Appears
Jan01 1980 English 15min Mawlana relates the events surrounding the coming of S. Mahdi (as) and his khalifas.
Sheikh Nazım
Al Haqqania
Jun01 1998 Arabic 12min In this stern sohbat Mawlana warns the people of today of the punishment coming if they do not take care. It is the age of darkness and oppression foretold in the Quran. He then explains his new title - Al Haqqani - the one opposing oppression, the one giving everyone his rights.
Sheikh Nazım
80 Years
Nov30 2004 Turkish 23min Begin with the Name of Allah first. Mawlana warns the Muslims to remember their heritage, remember their Lord, remember His Great Name. Without this there is no success. The last 80 years of Turkish history testify to this truth.
Sheikh Nazım
The Last Friday of Sha'ban
Oct08 2004 Turkish 23min On the last Friday before the beginning of Ramadan, Mawlana warns people of the consequences of not fasting. He diagnoses the modern disease of depression as a lack of spiritual nourishment.
Sheikh Nazım
Jul04 2010 English 45min Why are the Muslims taking Sunday to be their day of freedom, following the non-believers? They must leave this and trust that Allah is Mutakaffil, their Protector and Guarantor.
Sheikh Nazım
Kissing the Hand
Jun06 1986 Turkish 3min Mawlana defends the practice of showing respect by kissing the hand. This was common practice at the time of the Prophet (sas) and recorded in the manuals of religious teaching and was not reserved for men only.
Sheikh Nazım
Salat and Salam
Nov30 1988 Turkish 9min Mawlana speaks about the wonderful benefits of sending prayers to the Prophet (sas): it sweetens your life, softens the troubles and pains of this world, brings you honor in the Divine Presence.
Sheikh Nazım
Whose Gathering to Attend
Apr03 1989 Turkish 7min You are free to join the gatherings of good people who say the Name of Allah. If your heart is content then go because the heart is in need of association. But if they smoke, leave them. The smell of tobacco is dirty and the angels do not come.
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A Glossary
This glossary contains explanations of some Arabic/Turkish words, terms and phrases frequently recurring in Mawlana's sohbas, and is intended for the benefit of our listeners/viewers. It is being continuously edited and updated to the best of our abilities, and does not in any way claim to be comprehensive.
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These are pages of daily wisdoms. Its articles are for whoever wants to teach or learn. Its writings are important and unmistakably true. Absolute Sultanate is only for Allah. For human beings living on Earth, the loftiest rank they can reach is that of the station of Sultanate.
The Majesty and Magnificence of Islam
The Sultanate is the representative of the majesty and magnificence of Islam. It is the defender of Divine Order. As for Democracy, it was invented only to cover up the ugly face of atheism and unbelief. It is the unauthorized, meaningless rule of tyrannical regimes.
This declaration is to show all human beings the true way. The author is just an ordinary human being. In the following articles you will find indisputable truths. Their author is Sheikh Nazim, a traveler on the Naqshbandi spiritual way. May Allah protect us from falling into the wrong way. This declaration takes into consideration all subjects related to this world and to religion, it points to the infallible way. Support and success only come from Allah.
Sheikh Muhammed Nazim Lefke Cyprus
Every day has a new face and a different appearance. Oh mankind, learn that a human being is the ruling Sultan over all creation! You too are a human being, so you also must have the same capability. If so, then, Oh Man, use the capability that is in you. Use it, so that you do not come to this world as a colt and leave it as a donkey.

Know that: you come to this world from an unknown world of nothingness, and again will be travelling to another unknown territory of nothingness. If our occupation and concern is only to fill our stomachs and pursue our physical pleasures - if this is your life - then it is a life deprived of human value and honour.

With this writing we open the honourable Saltanat website. By reading it you will learn and understand many things in accordance with your interests.
Thanks and glory can only be given to the Creator of the worlds.
Sheikh Muhammed Nazim Lefke Cyprus
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