Mawlid Mubarak
Mawlana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Adil
Al-Haqqani (q) Urs
All are invited to join in the commemoration of the blessed day on which our beloved Master was released from this dunya to join his Beloved.

Thursday night, the 7th of May, at the Selimiye Mosque in Lefkosha, Cyprus with Sheikh Mehmet Effendi.

07:00 - Mawlid
07:45 - Maghrib Prayer
08:00 - Food will be served
09:15 - ‘Isha Prayer
09:30 - Sohbat with Sheikh Mehmet Adil Effendi
10:00 - Khatm-e Khajagan

Everyone is welcome. There will be shuttle buses running between Lefke and Lefkosha and there will be a live broadcast on
The Wird of the Day of Arafat
Try to fast, give Sadaqa and recite:
1000     Ikhlāṣ
1000     La ilaha illa Allah
1000     Salawat

To slaughter on Eid is wajib and big sawab.
Lailatu l-Bara’at and Mawlid
Announcing the celebration of Lailatu l-Bara’at and of a Mawlid for the 40th day after the passing of Mawlana Sheikh Nazim, in the Selimiye Mosque in Lefkoşa, Thursday the 12th of June beginning at Maghrib (8 pm).

The program will be, inshaAllah:

- Iftar
- Maghrib prayer
- Wazifa (3 Yasin) for the holy night recited by
  Qari Abdur Rahman after the Maghrib prayer.
- Dinner
- Isha prayer
- Mawlid
- Night wazifa (100 rakats) in the Dergah in Lefke
Please Continue to Make Du’a
Sheikh Mehmet is asking to recite daily:
50x Salatul Tunjina
100-1000x HasbunAllah was ni’mal wakil

For those who can do more:

7x Sūrat ar-Ra'd
(or 100-1000 Sūrat al-Ikhlāṣ)
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