The Invitation of the Sultan
In the winter when Mawlana was so sick, his family and all his household made a promise that if he recovered his health, they would sacrifice and feed the people at the maqam of Hala Sultan in Larnaka, Cyprus. Now in fulfillment of this vow Mawlana himself has ordered that a feast be prepared and served to all those who come Saturday June 16 to Hala Sultan. He also prayed that this practice be repeated until all of Cyprus is being feasted and served at the table of Hala Sultan and he chose to call this occasion, The Invitation of the Sultan.
Ramadan Karim
A Collection of the Shahi Mardan's sohbats given in Ramadan 2013
Instructions for Rajab
Rajab Shahrullah

40-1000x La ilaha illAllah
40-1000x Salawat Sharif
100x Ya Hafidh

Divine Wrath

7-100x Na'uthu biLlahi min ghadhabi-j Jabbar
نعوذُ بِاللهِ من غَضَبِ الجبَّار

News from The Dergah
Instructions from Mawlana
Mawlana forbade the Imam of the Dergah from delaying the prayer. Mawlana said when Adhan is called, prayer has to follow immediately. He said prayer can never wait for anyone, people have to wait for the prayer.
Mawlana said we have to observe Shari'at and recited the Hadith, "Prayer on time is the most beloved of deeds -
أحب الأعمال الصلاة في وقتها".
Who Is The Khalifah?
The one "To Whom the Throne of Sham Belongs" is the one, chosen and authorized by all the saints, to unite the Muslims under two flags - the flag of the Prophet (sas) and the flag of the Mahdi (as).
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