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Uways al Qarani Mar02 2012 English 22min
Sheikh Nazım
Shaykh Mehmet relays salams from his father Shaykh Nazim who continues to recover slowly from his illness. Allah has sent so many doctors to serve him and with each medicine he takes he asks Allah's cure in it. He thanks all those who, following the sunnah, have come from all over the world to be near him and wish him health. But Sh Mehmet asks those people to consider their intentions. It becomes a burden on Mawlana if all these people have in their hearts intention to talk personally with him. Shaykh Mehmet tells the story of Uways al Qarani (ra) who was never actually able to see the Prophet (sas) but whose heart was so connected from a distance that the Prophet (sas) sent his companions to visit Uways (ra) with the gift of a cloak.
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Eat Less Mar01 2012 Turkish 7min
Sheikh Nazım
Shaykh Mehmet delivers a short sohbat on the importance of being careful about what and how much you eat because it has spiritual as well as physical consequences.
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Naqshbandi Way Is The Heart Of Shariat Feb24 2012 English 7min
Sheikh Nazım
Shaykh Mehmet spoke after Juma saying that the recovery of his father, Shaykh Nazim, is a miracle, masha Allah. He also stressed his father's wish that we all keep the Shariat of Islam by following one of the four Madh'habs.
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