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The Way Out Sep30 2012 Turkish 31min
Sheikh Nazım
In a time full of Fitnas and difficulties that makes Muslims unable to stand on their own feet, or make their word heard, or even distinguish between the right and the wrong, Mawlana points to "The Way Out".
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Al-Asa Liman Asa Jun19 2012 Arabic 20min
Sheikh Nazım
Mawlana is following the chaotic political scene in Egypt closely. Yesterday he addressed the Egyptians and the Turkish and Arab Muslims who are all on different stages of the wrong way. In his usual simple language, Mawlana shows that the Islamic principles are intended not only for the Muslim's private life but also for his political and social life. They unite his life into one organic whole, giving it harmony, meaning, and direction. When asked about a title for this sohbat, Mawlana said "Al-Asa Liman Asa-العصا لِمن عصى"
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Al 'rab and Al A'rab May10 2012 Arabic 11min
Sheikh Nazım
"In Al'rab & Al A'rab" Mawlana poses an important question. The answer to this question could help us distinguish the wrong directions which the Muslim world is following and identify those who are leading them.
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Except by a Sultan Apr18 2012 Arabic 9min
Sheikh Nazım
MashaAllah. Yesterday Mawlana again pointed the way out of the political and social dilemma facing the Egyptians in particular and the Muslims as a whole.
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Economic Crisis Jan01 2009 English 20min
Sheikh Nazım
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