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Our Biggest Weapon Is Du’ā’ Jul14 2018 Turkish 18min
Sheikh Nazım
You should be loyal to your Shaykh and attend the gatherings at least every three weeks. It is by Allāh’s ﷻ permission that you come. If you turn your back He ﷻ will bring better than you. Be firm and hold on to the truth. Allāh ﷻ will protect His ﷻ religion.
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Riding, Archery, and Swimming Jul14 2018 Turkish 6min
Sheikh Nazım
Practicing these sports are the sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ. If you do them with the intention of obeying his ﷺ advice then you will be rewarded for every ride, every arrow, every stroke. In all you do, remember Allāh ﷻ so you are not forgotten.
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