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This Is a Special Ramaḍān May02 2020 English 22min
Sheikh Nazım
What is happening today is a sign of Sayyidunā Mahdī (as). It is very rare to have a Ramaḍān with five Jum‘ahs. The mind works with ego but the heart works alone and is never mistaken. Consult your heart. Whatever Allāh ﷻ sends we accept.
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The Circle Is Broken May01 2020 English 28min
Sheikh Nazım
The dunyā system may not recover from this crisis. The economic circle is broken and we need to become more self-dependent, to bake our own bread and take care of our needs. In these difficult days try to make people’s hearts full of love and joy. To make people happy is to make Allāh ﷻ happy. To satisfy the hearts of people is to satisfy Allāh Almighty.
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