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Sufism Teaches to Be a Good One Mar17 2018 English 14min
Sheikh Nazım
The biggest fight today is against Sufism. Everyone wants to know what it teaches. Mawlānā said his teaching is only to make people good ones. Our hearts are open, our house is open. Come and learn.
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West, Wake Up! Mar13 2018 English 19min
Sheikh Nazım
It is only wine and pork that keep the West from Islām. Wake up! Remember you will die and be judged. Allāh ﷻ is the ruler and He ﷻ gives everyone a role, good or bad. Whatever your role, try to do something good to gain His ﷻ forgiveness.
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Allāh Almighty Is Preparing the Bill Mar06 2018 English 27min
Sheikh Nazım
Come back to your Lord ﷻ. No one is free. In the end they will be questioned and there will be a bill to pay. Now in those days we must pray two raka‘āt ṣalātu l-istighfār every day.
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Allāh Almighty's Gift Mar04 2018 English 24min
Sheikh Nazım
Don’t be shy to say you are Muslim. This is Allāh’s ﷻ gift to you because He loves His servants. Keep it carefully. Don’t love shayṭān. Even if you are sincere you can follow the wrong way. Sometimes you need help in recognising shayṭān and this is why you need a murshid.
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