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The Cure For Sadness Jan28 2010 English 44min
Sheikh Nazım
Can Allah ever leave His Beloved sad when he worries for his Nation? Is Allah helpless? No, He can do anything and everything. Shaytan is causing sadness. The boat is sinking and the nation is trying to save itself. What is the cure? O Salafi ulama, stop wasting time! Give what is most necessary for every heavy position that the nation is sinking under. Is not everything mentioned in The Book? Is Allah almighty not sending His Beloved as a Witness, a Bearer of Good Tidings, and a Warner for all nations? Sadness does not leave because of worldly wealth but by understanding Holy Commands. The Holy Command is to give tidings of hope in Divine Mercy - the most effective cure for sadness. Allah’s pleasure is gained by it. When Allah is pleased, He makes His servant pleased also.
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My Deputy Jan27 2010 English 49min
Sheikh Nazım
Holy People are granted power according to their heavenly levels. By their will they may throw the planet out of the solar system. These oceans of power are an atom in relation to the drop granted by the Lord of Heavens to Sayyidina Muhammad (sas.) On his ascent through the seven heavens - the Night Journey, Allah (swt) granted him what He granted to no other; to be the Master of Creation and His Deputy. He granted him one of His divine attributes, the power of will, iraadah. And, through His beloved (sas) He granted it to all messengers, saints and holy ones. Man has been given one chance to appreciate this most incredible aspect of his being. Dunya is nothing compared to this big grant, the realization of which leads through luminous worlds to Eternity.
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Look Up Jan26 2010 English 47min
Sheikh Nazım
The level of ‘civilized’ man is lower than a rock. And, who may teach him? The Pole, the Grandmaster. He connects the heavens to earth and can instruct man in knowing his self. This knowledge needs the key of Bismillah ar–Rahman ar-Rahim. When the Lord first created the Preserved Tablet, He also created the Pen and ordered it to write, Bismillah ar–Rahman ar-Rahim, never-endingly. The Salafi ulama are questioned about this. Do they have knowledge of: Nun. By the Pen and what (the angels) write? But living beings are like cattle, interested only in chewing grass. They never glance up towards the heavens so that they may reach a lightened world.
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Divine Protocol Jan25 2010 English 48min
Sheikh Nazım
Each ant, each atom has its own identity, mission, and glorification of its Lord. No two the same. Mawlana talks about the proper adab, the proper Protocol with Allah Almighty is to doing everything, every breath, every action, on behalf of Him alone.
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I Was an Unknown Treasure Jan24 2010 English 47min
Sheikh Nazım
Mawlana talks about the nature of an Atom and the Nature of the Lord. Both of them are unknowable. He talks about the Hadith Qudsi in which Allah says, describing Himself, "Kuntu Kanzan Mafiyan" - I was an Unknown Treasure. He talks in some detail about each of these three words. Each atom has a treasure of its own and is alive. How can you ask about Allah when you cannot understand even an atom or yourself.
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Remember Me Jan23 2010 English 45min
Sheikh Nazım
Qutb al Zaman is granted the power of reaching everything on this planet. Those who need heavenly support, first send greetings of peace upon him. Then, by pronouncing the isti’adha, they destroy the fortresses of shaytan and by the basmalah, they kill shaytan. Fear, bad feelings, bad conditions, are from shaytan and it’s supporters. When they take hold, a sincere and an awakened one may call upon the chosen ones supported by Rasulullah (sas.) They may come, and with their spiritual power rescue the distressed, making shaytan to back up and retreat. Remembrance of the Lord dresses man according to his original creation. It is the Lord’s guaranty against shaytan. Heedlessness removes that protection from the house of iman, inviting shaytan in to become a friend.
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