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To All Those Not Fasting Ramadan Aug16 2011 Turkish 53min
Sheikh Nazım
"Ramazan Orucu Tutmayanlara - To All Those Not Fasting Ramadan". You are free, but finally you will have no one to blame but yourselves! Mawlana tells humorous stories about what might happen to those who do not fast and those who continue to smoke.
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Men of Religion Aug09 2011 Turkish 53min
Sheikh Nazım
Mawlana makes fun of the term "Men of Religion" which was invented to replace the traditional terms such as, Hoja or Imam. This new title is devoid of meaning and value, and the people who carry it resemble the name. Both are form without substance.
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A Subtlety Aug08 2011 Turkish 48min
Sheikh Nazım
Mawlānā speaks about a nation that has cut its connections to its great historical and cultural roots. It stays confined within the limits of a made-up contemporary consciousness and is incapable of going beyond itself or of reaching a true understanding. Mawlānā explains his use of “subtleties – لطائف” and the order to do so from the Qur’ān. Mawlānā is speaking to Jubbeli Ahmet Hoja in this way and the Hoja understands the real meaning.
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Sultan Abu Ayub al-Ansary Aug06 2011 Turkish 46min
Sheikh Nazım
"Sultan Eyüp Hz - (أبو أيوب الأنصاري (رضي الله عنه - Sultan Abu Ayub al-Ansary". The Mufti of Istanbul is discouraging people from visiting the tomb of the great Sahabi and the spiritual Sultan of Istanbul, Hz. Abu Ayub al-Ansary (ra), claiming that such a visit has no value. The mosque of Hz. Ayub is closed throughout the Holy month of Ramadan because they say that it is "under renovation". This is a situation that breaks the hearts of true Muslims who seek nearness to their Prophet (sas) especially in this holy month by means of such a visit. This is not unique to Turkey or Istanbul. It happens in all Muslim countries wherever a tomb of a sahabi or a relative of the Prophet (sas) or that of a big saint, exists. Mawlana answers them and urges Hoja Jubbeli Ahmad and all Imams to speak up and stop such fitna.
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How Is It in the Grave? Aug04 2011 Turkish 51min
Sheikh Nazım
Ramazan Sohbetleri: "Kabirde Nasil Olacak? - How Is It in the Grave? - أحوال القبر". Rarely has Mawlana spoken about the life in the grave and what it can carry for its owner from punishment or reward. This makes tonight's sohbat a very special one. In this sohbat too, Mawlana again and again urges Jubbeli Ahmad Hoja to stop talking about abstract theoretical issues and theological debates, and, instead, to deal with issues that have immediate influence on the daily reality of every Muslim.
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Fast Aug03 2011 Turkish 57min
Sheikh Nazım
Mawlana started "Ramazan Sohbetleri" (The Ramadan Sohbats). Everyday he gives a sohbat in Turkish. He calls Baba Tahsin (from the Black sea region) and Haji Kamaludin (from Anatolia) to attend these sohbats and be directly addressed by him as representatives of their people. Mawlana addresses Jubbeli Ahmat Effendi, an eminent Imam and preacher in Istanbul who give daily well-viewed religious lessons on Turkish TV. Mawlana directs him as to what and how to address the people in order to achieve the best benefit for Islam and Muslims. These sohbats are very lively. They deal with very important social and religious issues but in an incredible ironical style to show the people where their wrong behaviors, beliefs and ideas would finally take them. Mawlana does not give permission to translate every sohbat of these however, because some are very Turkish in their subject matter and style. Today's sohbat is translated, "Oruç Tutunuz! - Fast! - !صوموا".
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Ey Cubbeli Ahmet Aug01 2011 Turkish 47min
Sheikh Nazım
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Ḥaqqānī Jan12 1997 English 44min
Sheikh Nazım
Mawlānā was inspired to call his way Ḥaqqānī – those who defend their rights and the rights of others. We should try to be as the Ṣaḥābah, the most perfect community, who were defenders of justice for themselves and others, without need for judges or lawyers or courts. He also speaks about the benefits of fasting as a cure for hopelessness and suicide.
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