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Dhikr in Jakarta Oct24 2017 26min
Sheikh Nazım
Brawijaya Dergah
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Naqshbandiyyati l-‘Āliyyah Oct24 2017 English 59min
Sheikh Nazım
Ṭarīqah Naqshbandiyyati l-‘Āliyyah means the highest ṭarīqah. There are many ways. Each ṭarīqah helps to take people to heavenly stations, and increase their maqāmāt. Shaykh comes to Indonesia because on the Day of Promises the people were chosen to be Naqshbandī, and these visits complete this promise. Ṭarīqah is a gift from Allāh ﷻ. It is very important to respect other ṭuruq and their mashāyikh. Wukalā’ have been chosen to give ṣuḥbah, bay‘ah, make dhikr and to help people to come to hidāyah. 
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