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Ḥaḍrah Is Not from the Naqshbandiyyah Oct30 2017 English 6min
Sheikh Nazım
Naqshbandī ṭarīqah has two elements, khatm and ṣuḥbah. Normaly the khatm is silent (dhikr khafī). Ḥaḍrah and loud dhikr are borrowed for barakah from other ṭuruq. You may do but not necessary. Don’t do ḥaḍrah when men and women are together. Mawlid, however, is important because it increases love for the Prophet ﷺ.
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Lady Awliyā’u Llāh Oct30 2017 English 10min
Sheikh Nazım
The Shaykh talks about the women saints: Khadījatu l-Kubrà, Shaykh ‘Abdu-Llāh’s wife Ḥalīmah, and Shaykh Nāẓim’s wife, Ḥaji Anne. By supporting their husbands and taking care of dunyā matters, by keeping their ‘ibādah and teaching others, they earned high stations and Paradise. We can get their blessing by following their examples.
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