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Shaykh Raja Ashman (q) Oct28 2017 English 25min
Sheikh Nazım
When Allāh ﷻ wants good for a person He ﷻ sends someone to be the key to open their heart to Islām. Shaykh Raja Ashman (q) was such a key for his people. The year 2000 was a test for people to learn wisdom. Some followed and some left ṭarīqah. When in need ask madad from Mawlānā, from Shaykh Raja Ashman. They are near to you and will help you.
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Time Waits for No One Oct28 2017 English 22min
Sheikh Nazım
Don’t delay good deeds or you will lose. Follow the perfect example of the Prophet ﷺ who never stopped working and calling people to Islām. Complete the five pillars of Islām as best and as quickly as you can. Never be lazy for Ākhirah.
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Haqqani Maulid Ensemble Oct28 2017 48min
Sheikh Nazım
Raja Eleena's house, Janda Baik, Malaysia
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